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Can you answer these questions for your current solution?

  • Is my structure sound?
  • Is it configured properly?
  • Are my servers optimized?
  • Do I have a sufficient recovery process?
  • What’s my governance, or do I even have one?
  • Is my current solution scalable?
  • What does my site collection look like: what data are you sharing and how is it organized?
  • What kind of data do I even have and who has access to it?
  • Chicken or beef?
ShoreIT’s Holistic approach is the only way to build a complete Sharepoint ecosystem. Not only do we carefully map your business process to this solution, we treat the entire system as a whole, where others address only one or two aspects.

Remember that dream home you built? Imagine it without electricity or plumbing. No ShoreIT solution is complete without addressing these critical areas:


Right now, half your furniture is sitting outside because you have enough for a hotel, crammed into a 2 bedroom house. ShoreIT’s architects define your business needs to deliver the perfect Scalable Sharepoint solution. Instead of a hotel, maybe you need two houses. We will decipher the optimal end solution customized to your needs.


What if you want hardwood floors instead of carpet, or new appliances?  With all these people coming to visit now – you’d better have that double oven in the kitchen. Besides, the last guy that tried to help put your couch in the bathroom – no wonder you can’t find your stuff!

Our certified Sharepoint Developers will build and make any customized adjustments to your solution throughout its lifecycle, utilizing our Quad-D methodology at every step. Your solution will be organized and user-friendly, producing not just artifacts, but the right ones – complete with metrics to prove it.


The house rules are set, you have 20 people moving in, and each room has a lock on the door – who gets the keys? Because little Johnny isn’t allowed to paint his room black. Do you want the same key to open every room? Or a separate key for each door?

Compliance to the rules for your new centralized repository is critical to Sharepoint’s success. Who can upload documents? Or bring in new software? How are those who have the Sharepoint “keys” going to collaborate with one another? ShoreIT ensures all of these keys are in the proper hands, tested, and tested again. The safety and integrity of your solution remains intact with this governance in place.

* ho-lis-tic /hō'listik/:
Philosophy characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

That’s like a house without a kitchen — why does everyone wind up hanging out there at parties anyway?


Now that the keys to your Sharepoint house have been distributed, ShoreIT puts security provisions in place to make sure they don’t get into the wrong hands. You don’t want the crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend to get a hold of them – next thing you know your stuff is out on the front lawn and the dog is missing.

Project Management

As your business changes and grows, who’s making sure that your Sharepoint solution is still properly mapped and aligned to your business process? Our experienced and certified Project Managers are there every step. Simply put:

  • We listen
  • We understand
  • We can articulate and structure your needs when you can’t


Allocating the resources to continue running and monitoring you Sharepoint playground is challenging. This is where many solutions also fall apart, because they don’t understand the combination of the Business Process and the Sharepoint solution.

ShoreIT makes sure your people know how to properly administer your new SharePoint environment, ensuring it stays in good health.