Quad-D Methodology

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Would you hire a plumber to build your house? Or a painter to do the electrical work? Uhhhh…..no. It takes several experts to construct your home exactly the way YOU want it.

At ShoreIT, we build your SharePoint solution with the same mindset, ensuring the right certified experts are at each phase of our Quad-D process, delivering your customized and precise solution.


The Define phase is where discovery begins for the overall effort. The Quad-D approach focuses on identifying the answers to five basic questions.

  1. What is the purpose of the solution?
  2. Why is the solution required?
  3. Who are the stakeholders?
  4. When does the solution need to be completed?
  5. Where is the solution to be implemented and deployed?

The answers to these questions provide the roadmap to your solution, including:

  1. A project scope document
  2. The initial project plan activities and work breakdown structure
  3. An related process and procedural models
  4. Unified stakeholders
  5. A functional requirements document


Now that we know what kind of house you need, is your current humble abode sufficient? Or do you need something entirely new? ShoreIT has discovered that most pre-existing Sharepoint environments are crammed into a one-bedroom apartment, when what they really need is a 5-bedroom house with 3 floors and a white picket fence.

After defining your business needs, we begin mapping the requirements to your Sharepoint solution. At the completion of the Design stage, ShoreIT delivers:

  • An updated project plan
  • A functional assessment and data analysis
  • A preliminary Sharepoint framework, governance, and solution design

In other words, we know what kind of house you need – and account for room to grow.



This is where we get to work and build! The foundation has been poured and the floor plans have been finalized. It’s time to physically build your structured SharePoint solution, as well as run the inspection prior to moving in.

Before we successfully deploy your solution, we run extensive tests to ensure the business process is fully integrated. The most important outcomes from this stage are:

  • A fully functioning SharePoint environment
  • A comprehensive test plan for final deployment
  • Fully exploited Out-of-the-box (OOTB) capabilities




Guess what? It’s time to move in to your new home! We’ve Defined, Designed, and Developed your Sharepoint solution – time to roll it out! In the Deploy stage, ShoreIT focuses on these key points:

  • Release management processes are designed and implemented
  • Test findings are documented and captured to feed the next Define cycle
  • All updates are seamless and the integrity of the current process remains intact

These actions establish standardized & repeatable configuration as well as a solid release management process.

Why Out-of-the-Box (OOTB)?
We’re glad you asked! Too often, the feature functionality of Sharepoint is too customized, leading to maintenance and release management issues. Take this for example:

You’re about to move into your dream home that has every upgrade; hardwood floors, granite countertops, recessed lighting in every room, surround sound stereo built in, you name it. It’s move in day, and you haul in your stuff, one piece at a time, up a ladder, through the upstairs window.

You’ve just created this elaborate scheme to complete a task, when the simpler solution is right in front of you….it’s called the front door.

Why complicate something, when the simple solution is already built in? ShoreIT is the expert in utilizing and leveraging SharePoint’s built in capabilities.

Ding-dong, and we don’t mean the doorbell.

Mission Critical Release Management

If you can’t properly manage your new Sharepoint solution – you’ve just done a whole lot of work for nothing. It’s like moving into that gorgeous new home – and never cleaning it, mowing the lawn, or filling the propane tank (not a good thing in the dead of winter). If you don’t manage those simple things, your house will fall apart.

Having a well-defined release management process and educating those responsible for maintaining your new Sharepoint solution is critical to the success of this new home. ShoreIT has discovered that this is where most solutions fall apart, which is why we take elaborate measures to test the solution before it is executed, and educate those responsible for maintaining it.

Not only will ShoreIT ensure you know how to mow the lawn, we’ll teach you how to put hatch lines in it (#fancyshmancy).