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ShoreIT Solutions
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Job Status: Open
No of Vacancies: 1
Date Posted: August 21, 2019
Expiry Date: October 21, 2019
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: Any
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Salary Type: Min-Max
Salary: $90,000-$110,000
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Must be US Citizen with ability to obtain public trust clearance

Looking to hire an expert mainframe programmer. The successful candidate will be involved in replacing legacy mainframe ALC code, with COBOL code.

This will involve the following:
• Analyzing functionality of identified code to be replaced
• Discovering through research what programs/systems use the code, including meeting with users of the code as necessary
• Considering alternatives for replacing the code, for example, rewriting it in straightforward maintainable COBOL or finding existing utilities which perform the same function.
• Comprehensive testing of created code and ensuring that all code is reviewed and documented.
• Coordinating with users of the old code to transition to the new code.

Skills Requirements:
• Very high level of proficiency in Assembler Language Coding (ALC), not just some familiarity.
• High level of proficiency in COBOL
• Have excellent listening, note taking and writing skills,
• Have strong presentation skills and being able to explain technical concepts to non-technical individuals
• Have effective communication skills including verbal, both speaking and comprehension, as well as written, which includes preparation and comprehension

• Familiarity with the functionality in SSA's mainframe Systems in both the Validation and Production environments
• Extensive knowledge of Title II systems